How to integrate Salesforce with SAP

For all but the largest, most well-funded enterprises, integrating Salesforce with SAP is a daunting task.

Technology departments everywhere struggle to display the data from both systems, in one User Interface, coherently, and in real time.

From inception there appears to be as many reasons not to integrate the two disparate platforms as there are reason to integrate them, for example:

  1. It’s going to be very expensive and time consuming.
  2. We don’t have a team who understands both platforms well enough to perform the work.
  3. The platforms have different data models, so how can they understand each other?
  4. We’re going need an ESB in the middle, which will drive up the price even more.

Those that do attempt (not many) and eventually succeed (even fewer) in integrating the two can pat themselves on the back, but only briefly – both systems will require continual enhancements as the business changes. Daily. To complicate matters further, Salesforce is a System of Engagement (SoE) that is seeing rapid product innovation with every release cycle. These changes stand a good chance of breaking your systems and processes.

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