Rapid Impact Initiatives

They say all good things take time, but that’s not the case with our Rapid Impact Initiatives. 

Designed to be short but mighty, our Rapid Impact Initiatives transform and maximise the way technology powers our clients’ business goals.

In just 6-12 weeks, we can help you unlock the power of AI, elevate your CX, optimise your MarTech and Salesforce platforms, and we can even be your North Star through Vendor Selection.

AI Strategy

Unlock the power of AI with our Rapid Impact Initiative, designed to deliver AI strategies that transcend traditional IT solutions and drive meaningful business benefits.


How We Deliver Impact:
  • Strategic AI Architecture: In just 6-12 weeks, we craft AI strategies that align with your strategic business goals, ensuring optimised value delivery. Our approach begins with a deep analysis of your organisation’s operating model, including processes, people, and the technology landscape.
  • Comprehensive Methodology: We establish business demand, develop contextual AI hypotheses, design the AI vision & response, and define an aligned portfolio & roadmap, ensuring a holistic view of value delivery through AI.
Key Deliverables:
  • AI Operating Model Recommendations: We provide expert recommendations for an AI operating model tailored to your organisation.
  • Business Alignment: We align AI capabilities with your business value chain and processes to maximise impact.
  • Risk & Governance: We articulate the benefits, risks, and governance associated with AI deployment, ensuring a secure and effective implementation.
  • Actionable Roadmap: We deliver a high-level roadmap outlining both short-term and long-term AI capability delivery, providing clear and actionable steps.

Timeline: 6-12 weeks

Price: POA

CX Journey Mapping

Elevate your customer experience with our CX journey mapping services. We specialise in creating future-proof customer experiences that drive genuine growth and loyalty.


How we deliver Impact:
  • Comprehensive Analysis: As part of this Rapid Impact Initiative, we meticulously analyse and define your customers’ current journey, capturing every interaction to gain a holistic understanding of their experience.
  • CX Maturity Assessment: Our experts assess your CX maturity level, identifying gaps and opportunities to enhance customer interactions. We pinpoint pain points and areas of friction, providing actionable solutions to improve the overall customer journey and satisfaction.
  • Strategic Roadmap: We craft a strategic roadmap that outlines “moments of opportunity” aligned with your business strategy, ensuring the achievement of tangible and measurable milestones.
  • Technology Recommendations: Partnering with you, we recommend MarTech solutions that align with your future-state vision and roadmap, enhancing your capabilities to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Timeline: 6-12 weeks

Price: POA

Salesforce Org Review

In today’s fast-paced business environment, ensuring your Salesforce instance is optimised is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. This Rapid Impact Initiative offers a comprehensive Salesforce Org Review, designed to thoroughly evaluate your Salesforce platform across multiple dimensions, including licensing, system usage, security, integration, and configuration.


How we deliver Impact:
  • Identify Technical Concerns: We pin point any technical areas of concern relating to the platform’s implementation that could pose a security risk or hinder future development.
  • Prioritised Recommendations: We provide a clear, prioritised set of recommendations, ranging from quick wins to areas requiring more significant effort, ensuring immediate and impactful improvements.
  • Maximise Platform Capabilities: We uncover under-utilised or unused features of Salesforce that, when leveraged, can significantly support your business operations.
  • Enhance System Efficiency: We Identify opportunities to enhance system efficiency, enabling better support for your business processes and scalability.
  • Long-term Strategic Planning: We gather valuable insights to inform a longer-term improvement strategy, driving better outcomes and maximising your investment in Salesforce.

Timeline: 6-12 weeks

Price: POA

MarTech Org Review

Unlock the full potential of your marketing technology with Ingenuity’s Rapid Impact Initiative, designed to seamlessly align your MarTech solutions with your strategic roadmap. Our comprehensive MarTech Fit Gap analysis services are tailored to provide immediate, actionable insights and drive your marketing success.


How We Deliver Impact:
  • Customised MarTech Solutions: We begin by researching and compiling a list of MarTech solutions that meet your unique requirements. Our team defines detailed evaluation criteria, covering features, functionality, scalability, ease of use, integration capabilities, pricing, customer support, security, and compatibility with your existing systems.
  • Expert Evaluation: Our experts conduct an in-depth analysis of each MarTech solution’s features and capabilities, ensuring alignment with your strategic roadmap and customer experience (CX) journey requirements. Using a structured scoring and ranking system, we objectively evaluate and prioritise solutions based on predefined criteria.
  • Seamless Integration: We assess each solution’s integration and compatibility with your current systems and marketing tools, ensuring seamless functionality and optimal performance across your MarTech ecosystem.
Why Partner with Ingenuity?
  • Strategic Alignment: Our comprehensive MarTech Fit Gap analysis ensures that your technology solutions are perfectly aligned with your marketing strategies.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Gain clarity and efficiency in your marketing efforts by leveraging the right technology solutions.
  • Competitive Advantage: Empower your marketing strategies with technology that drives better outcomes, providing you with a significant competitive edge.

Timeline: 6-12 weeks

Price: POA

Vendor Selection Support

Maximise your business potential with our Vendor Selection Rapid Impact Initiative, designed to identify and evaluate the best CRM and MarTech vendors to align with your strategic goals, operational needs, and future scalability.


How We Deliver Impact:

  • Thorough Needs Analysis: Our process begins with a detailed analysis of your business requirements, ensuring we understand your unique needs and objectives.
  • Vendor Identification and Evaluation: We identify potential vendors and develop robust evaluation criteria to assess their capabilities.
  • Vendor Demos and Proof of Concepts (POCs): We conduct thorough vendor demos and POCs to evaluate each solution’s functional and technical fit, usability, cost-benefit, and risk factors.
  • Alignment with Business Maturity and CX Goals: We focus on how well each solution aligns with your business maturity, IT ecosystem, and customer experience (CX) journey aspirations.
  • Comprehensive Assessment: Our comprehensive assessment results in a ranked list of vendors, detailed recommendations, and a high-level implementation plan.
Key Deliverables:
  • Ranked Vendor List: A detailed ranking of vendors based on their fit with your requirements.
  • Detailed Recommendations: Expert recommendations to help you make informed decisions.
  • Implementation Plan: A high-level plan to guide the implementation of the selected solution, ensuring a smooth transition and maximum impact.

Timeline: 6-12 weeks

Price: POA