Financial Ingenuity

Your data, optimised.

Financial Ingenuity is a native Salesforce solution tailored to industry finance. It allows you, as a lender, to easily receive loan applications from your broker network and incorporate them directly into Salesforce. Using a LIXI-compliant data model, LIXI messages can be pushed into Salesforce via API, resulting in a fully-populated credit application model that structures your originations data neatly and comprehensively.

Your risk, minimised.

Manually double-checking policy rules and conditions is a thing of the past. With our Rules Engine, loan applications are automatically screened for any violations to credit policies – and flagged if certain conditions (such as a completed bank statement) aren’t met. To further reduce operational risk, if the proper policies or conditions aren’t met, the system won’t allow that loan to be approved.

Your team, seamless.

Some situations called for an experienced team member. Our delegated lending authority (DLA) system acknowledges this and pushes larger loans to the senior assessors who are equipped to deal with them. Set a limit on loan size for junior assessors – reducing operational risk while still giving your team room to collaborate and grow. Similarly, with our pre-built user permission sets, you can assign different types of access to different types of users.

Your data, real time.

With our origination tailored reports and dashboards, you can easily track your metrics and efficiently manage your workload – all in real time.