Financial Services

The financial services landscape is constantly evolving  adapting to regulatory changes, customer expectations, and disruptive technologies.

So, how can financial service organizations stay ahead in this fast-paced, digital-first environment? How can they ensure that they meet not only the demands of their customers, but the rigorous standards set by regulators?

The answer involves an architected future that transcends boundaries between the digital and real worlds. It involves technological implementations that are embedded into your business’ core strategies, operations, and customer experiences.

Ingenuity Partners is uniquely poised and committed to guide you through these challenges. We don’t just offer solutions; we architect value. We understand the intricacies of the financial services sector, along with its challenges and, importantly, its opportunities.

We’re different, genuinely – and we think you are too. That’s why we’re committed to delivering exceptional outcomes that drive genuine progress for your business and its goals.


We help Broker Groups and Aggregators deliver unrivalled CRM experiences to their team, including product searches, calculators, and serviceability positions across multiple lenders – allowing brokers to quickly and effectively find an optimal solution for their clients. We then help with the preparation of applications for submission to Simpology, Nextgen, or directly to Lenders.



We help Lenders through the processes of acquisition and originations before smoothly handing over to servicing.

We help Marketing and Product teams by providing broker communications and portal technology to provide product and policy information, run calculators and generate lead scenarios.

We provide assistance to Broker Sales teams by offering a Broker CRM that helps them manage accreditations, onboarding, and relationship management. With our platform, Sales can easily monitor the status and deal requirements of submitted applications in real-time, eliminating the need to call credit for updates. This enables them to address any queries from brokers swiftly and easily.

Our work with Credit and Settlement teams lets us offer an end-to-end loan origination solution. We have the capability to receive electronic loan applications and connect with various third-party data providers, such as credit bureaus, valuations, and open banking. We’ve built a lending-specific policy engine to streamline and automate credit assessment. Our smooth handover to servicing platforms and your data warehouse ensures Treasury gets an accurate picture of data at the time of application.

Financial Ingenuity

We don’t want to waste time on commoditised, repeatable tasks – which is why we have invested in a set of tools that drastically reduce project costs. This allows for a faster, more efficient integration that quickly returns the value of your investment. Financial Ingenuity is a quick upgrade to your systems that makes a world of difference.