Marketing Technology – Breaking the Silos

Charlsey Pearce

May 2, 2022

Marketing technology often gets a bit of a bad rap from the wider business doesn’t it… If you talk to sales, operations or (god forbid) finance, you tend to hear comments about how it’s expensive, doesn’t add the value anticipated, etc. And those are only some of the comments we can actually


Too many of our clients are looking at throwing out their current tools for others, without realising that the tools they currently have are incredibly powerful – as long as they’re implemented with a broader strategy in mind…

The key to maximising value is to break down the organisational siloes. The power of these tools lays in seeing them not as “marketing tools” but “customer experience tool” which can, and should, add value throughout the value chain of a customer.

The trick to this is to get a clear overview of that end-to-end customer lifecycle before you solution for how you implement. These tools are only as powerful as the data they have access to, so it requires a de-siloed review of the data available to drive the experiences you want to provide.

This approach allows you to do a couple things; set the tool up for success in terms of driving the promised ROI, build support for the tool across the wider business, and give your customers as seamless as experience as possible – which is the real game changer.

Let’s chat about how we can help you super-charge your marketing tech to showcase its real value to your business.

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